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Bestseller | Grass-Fed Beef Organs

This ancestral superfood blend is made from 50% beef liver, 25% heart and 25% kidney. These are three of the most nutrient dense foods on the earth and when consumed together, epitomise nose-to-tail nutrition.

All our organs are sourced from an organic certified farm where the cattle are grass-fed and free to roam on pastures. We gently freeze dry the organs raw to maintain as many of the fragile nutrients and enzymes within them. Each jar contains 180, 500mg capsules.

We created our grass-fed beef organ complex to help people reintroduce these ancestral superfoods, loaded with bioavailable nutrients in an easy to consume and flavourless way. 

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What Our Customers are saying about grass-fed beef organs

"I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical when reading the below reviews (and still was after taking!). Felt a hugely positive shift in mood, energy levels and general sense of well-being when taking these alongside the Optimised Male range. Not sure if it’s the B12 affecting energy levels or a combination of products / nutrients but the effects were very noticeable. I took some time off taking them to see if it made a difference and definitely noticed a drop in energy and mood—more of a return to ‘baseline’. Now desperate to begin taking again and am replacing my current multi-vitamin with these! Amazing product, thank you APE!" - Jamie

"I’ve started to have these instead of my multivitamins and my gosh I can notice a difference. I feel like I have more energy and know I’m getting more bioavailable nutrients per serving. Love them!" - AJ

"An amazing product assisting in modern day human health using ancestral wisdom that organ meats are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. I have found it increasingly difficult to find good quality grass fed organ meats all year round and the Ape Nutrition Beef Organs product is an amazing day to day insurance policy that allows myself and my partner to have the best quality micronutrients on a daily basis. Especially great for people who travel a lot and/or can’t stand the taste of organ meats. The product also gives me peace of mind that it is ethically sourced from farms that practices regenerative agriculture in the UK. Thank you Josh and Izzy for your love, care and attention with all your products." - Elliot

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✅ Get your products when YOU want them and never run out!

✅ Get FREE shipping on subscription orders (in the UK) valued at over £50. Subscription orders under £50 cost £3.99 per shipment.

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bestseller | optimised male

Optimised Male provides targeted support for key functions of masculinity. Made from 50% grass-fed beef testicles and 50% grass-fed beef liver, this product contains many unique compounds that work in tandem to support male hormone production and sexual health. For example, the transforming growth factors within aid in the production of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing muscle size, strength, bone health, sex drive and sperm production.

Eating whole animals, nose-to-tail, was a way of life for our ancestors. They believed that consuming the organ of a healthy animal would strengthen and enhance the health of their own corresponding organ. For example, if a man was struggling with with low testosterone, fertility or libido, they would be fed testicles, which were considered the most virile part of the animal. Interestingly, this is just now being validated by science. Research conducted at the University of Edinburgh in animal models has shown conclusively that when eaten, organs and glands selectively travel to the corresponding organs of the consumer in high concentrations

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what our customers are saying about optimised male

"This supplement has played a massive affect on my levels of Testosterone in the gym & in my sex life, I have been on the regime for 4 weeks now. Starting at 3 capsules a morning, now for the last 3 weeks I have been taking 6-8 capsules. I started feeling a serious change in my T-levels around week 2.5. The results in my feels speak for themselves, a fantastic product brother. Going to be a regular supplement of mine for sure!" - Luke

"As you know ive been using your organ capsules for a while now to supplement my more meat based diet but only started using the optimised male capsules recently…..the difference I’ve felt since using the male capsules is crazy. Noticeably higher levels of testosterone feel I have more agression….not in the sense of to fight but more the need to get things I need to do done & also my libido is back to somewhere it hasn’t been for so many years. What you have & produce is so good. I have told lots of people about it including my clients at the gym. Keep doing what you’re doing." - Josh

"Tremendous vitamins!
None of that synthetic trash that most vitamin supplements contain. I’ve been using Optimised Male for a few months now & I feel awesome - it is a great addition to my life!" - Ay

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ape starter pack

Bestselling bundle | ape starter pack

We designed this bundle for anyone who's new to APE and not sure where to start... MCT Oil, Lion's Mane & Grass-Fed Beef Liver are three of our top selling products with a good variety of complimentary benefits including; a healthy source of fat derived from coconut oil, a medicinal mushroom known for its ability to increase focus, memory and immunity, and the earth’s original (and best) multi-vitamin.

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featured collection

mushrooms & oysters

featured collection | Mushroom Powders Collection

Our mushroom collection includes a powerhouse of products to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Our Lion's Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms are organic certified and wildcrafted in nature.

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✅ Save 10% off each product you subscribe to

✅ Easy manage your subscriptions in your APE membership profile where a click of a button/top of a screen you can push back your next delivery, skip a delivery, easily add other products or cancel your subscription.

✅ Get your products when YOU want them and never run out!


It depends on your specific requirements really... the Beef Organs contain a wider variety of micronutrients including some more unique nutrients like Selenium (great for immunity and thyroid function) and CoQ10, which is great for cardiovascular health. Whereas the Beef Liver contains less of a variety but the nutrients it does contain (Vitamin A, all the B vitamins, copper, etc) are in a greater density. Personally I usually opt for the Beef Organs as I have a history of poor heart health in my family and I generally recommend this to men over the Beef Liver as they need more heart support. Whereas for women I usually recommend the Beef Liver. That said, it might be worth trialing one and then the other and seeing which works best for you.


Every body is different and every pregnancy is different, so when it comes to delicate situations like this, we like to refer to the experts. Registered Dietician/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, research, and author Lily Nichols, in her book "Real Food for Pregnancy: the science and wisdom of optimal prenatal nutrition says "Liver is one of the richest food sources of folate and vitamin B12, both key in maintaining healthy red blood cells and fostering healthy brain development in your baby. Many of you reading this may have been specifically warned NOT to consume liver during pregnancy, precisely because it is rich in vitamin A...However, we now know that naturally occurring vitamin A does NOT exert toxicity, particularly when consumed with adequate vitamin D and vitamin K2, nutrients that are also found in abundance in liver. This illustrates perfecting why obtaining nutrients from food is far safer than getting them from supplements". (p. 33-34). She goes on to say "liver and supplements are not equivalent...Advice to pregnant women on the consumption of liver based on the reported Vitamin A toxicity supplements, should be reconsidered" (p.34). Finally, Lily states " when buying liver, remember that source matters. This organ is designed to filter toxins and store nutrients, so ideally, seek liver from healthy, pasture-raised animals. If you're especially averse to the taste, you can purchase desiccated liver from grass-fed cows in capsule form and take it as a supplement" (p.35)

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