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Ape Nutrition

A | P | E Nutrition is a health and performance optimisation brand that specialises in Ketogenic and CBD products.

Our nutritional philosophy is built upon combining the ancient wisdom of the earth with the latest in cutting edge technologies to bring you unparalleled quality health foods and supplements.

We want to help the world wake up to what true health and performance really is. To do this, we release a new article and podcast weekly with the aim of educating and inspiring people to take human evolution to the next level.

We’re also here to change the shape of the health food and supplement industry by making exceptional quality, environmental responsibility and ethical business practices the standard.

About Us

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I'm an avid connoisseur of clean healthy snack bars and since discovering more ancestral eating it really narrowed my perimeters. There really is nothing close to Keto Fuel in terms of quality natural ingredients, taste and satisfaction. As a post meal dessert or snack on the mountains I'm so grateful APE nutrition exists.


Absolute top products. When shopping with APE you know all the ingredients are organic, earth grown and made in-house. This gives you huge peace of mind because you know what is being advertised on the package is what is in the product. The same goes for the CBD, you want to have total clarity when selecting the supplements you want to use. I and many others have that with APE which is what sets it apart from most of the market. The raw maple and pecan keto fuel is unbelievably tasty too!
Harry Williams

Premiership & International Rugby Player



I’ve been using APE Nutrition's CBD over the past week and it is genuinely the best tasting CBD I have ever had (and I have had quite the variety!). I know it’s still early days in terms of use, but one major thing has stood out to me. I’m no longer entering my teaching state with a chaotic 110mph mindset, which was engulfing me over the past two weeks. I now feel more mindful as well as present, less concerned on the other tasks I have to do later. So thank you lil herb 🌿

Yoga & Movement Teacher



Ice hockey is a very glycolytic sport, however I try to limit my carbohydrate consumption to the periods immediately pre and post training. Keto Fuel bars fill the void later in the day or on a day with lower training volume where I want a snack without excessive amounts of carbs. I try to avoid processed food and eat a whole food diet, so what really stood out to me is the organic ingredients from high quality sources. Not only do they tackle my appetite but they really do taste great which is an added bonus.
Josh Batch

Ice Hockey Player for Great Britain & The Cardiff Devils



Great job on this product, it’s delicious. When someone uses whey protein concentrate, which contains the full spectrum of amino acids, C8 MCT oil, raw honey, organic ingredients and no crap sweeteners you know they’re being thoughtful about the formulation.

Author of the Keto Muscle Intelligence Programme, Host of the Fat Fuelled Family Podcast & Raw Powerlifter



APE Nutrition’s Keto Fuel bar is delicious. I’ve probably never been in ketosis myself because I love carbs way too much but there are times, like before bed when I live to avoid sugar and that’s when these bars hit the spot perfectly.

BJJ Black Belt & Former British Champion



I like eating APE Keto Fuel bars post workout. You can really taste that they're made from real food / organic ingredients and have an amazing unique smooth texture.

Rugby player at England Sevens



APE Keto Fuel bars are perfect on-the-go, or really any time, snacks. I particularly like that they contain only natural ingredients, including grass-fed dairy. The bars taste great, and I have to admit I was skeptical of trying them frozen - but they're really good that way! And it's easier to squeeze it all out, definitely don't want to miss any!
Jordon Joy

Lead researcher in the field of ketogenic diets and fitness, record holding powerlifter and founder of Archetype Nutrition.



Absolutely love this bar, tastes amazing without being overly sweet like a lot of protein bars I’ve tried. Great fuel for before or after a workout, I couldn’t believe how such a small bar kept me going for so long on. Can’t recommend highly enough!
Gareth Evans

Pro Rugby Player at Ospreys RFC

FAQs Questions

What is Keto / the Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate moderate protein approach to eating. Eating this way encourages the body to shift from using predominantly carbs to predominantly fat as a primary fuel source. This in tern results in greater fat oxidation (conversion of fat in to energy), which creates ketone bodies that supply the body with fuel.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 Cannabinoids, which are naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis plant. Interestingly, Cannabinoids also naturally occur in the human body. The type of Cannabinoids found in humans are called Endocannabinoids, whereas those found in the Cannabis plant are referred to as Phytocannabinoids.

How long will it take for my product to arrive (UK)?

If your order before midday we aim to ship out same day. We ship all our UK orders by DPD Local which usually arrives the following day. Therefore orders can arrive as soon as next day but please allow four days for arrival before contacting us.

How long will it take for my product to arrive (International)?

If you’re based in Europe your order will usually arrive within 3 - 7 days. For the rest of the world please allow 5 - 10 days for your products to arrive.

What are your shipping rates?

United Kingdom | Next Day = £3.99 or free on orders over £50.00

Europe | Tracked = £10.00

Rest of World | Tracked = £15.00

How do I track my order?

If you select the tracked shipping option during checkout we’ll send you your tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. You can use this to track your parcel here: