Practitioner Resources

This is a health expert resource page for our community to support you in navigating any health challenges you may be experiencing and / or to assist you in achieving performance goals. We often get questions that are very in depth and therefore likely require time working with a professional to identity the best route forward. This page is our way of directing you to the experts that can help. Throughout our time running APE we’ve been really fortunate to have gotten to know some amazing coaches around the world when it comes to men's and women's health, gut health, emotional wellbeing, blood-work analysis, movement and more. See below to explore these coaches and their individual areas of expertise. 

Charley O’Halloran - Gut Health Expert

Charley and the Holistic Gut Health team use unique functional blood analysis systems developed over the last 5 years with hundreds of clients to uncover the root cause of your underlying gut health challenges and develop a personalised, holistic, multi-phased protocol to get you back to optimal health. Alongside the protocol, they also support you every step of the way with a close-knit community with and members only education and Q&A.

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Warren Williams - Coaching, Transformation & Leadership

Over the past 21 years Warren has honed his mastery of the C.H.E.K system whilst integrating his unique understanding of martial arts, energy healing and life coaching.Acting as a faculty member for the world-renowned CHEK institute, Warren specializes in teaching Holistic lifestyle coaching throughout Europe."People who learn together, learn faster"Warren combines a great feel for body movement and mechanics fostered by over 25 years of martial arts practice with 20 years studying esoteric practices such as meditation, energy healing and emotional self management to help people honour themselves and become their own master.

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Faye sheridan- integrative women's health expert

Faye is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Menstrual Cycle Educator and Founder of HealthyHer.

A little bit about Faye;

I help women to live intuitively with their cycle so they can optimise their health, get to the root cause of the period symptoms and to tap into their divine feminine energy.

Incorporating Exercise ( I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer) , Education, Nutrition and connection with her clients, Faye’s approach too healing from menstrual cycle dysfunction is very four dimensional.

I am here to give you the tools to reconnect with your health, energy and emotions through your cycle and beyond with personalised coaching, online course and workshops.

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Tom Harries- movement coach

The main aim is to get you to ENJOY moving your body rather than seeing it as a chore or something you “have to do”. We do that with a variety of exercises which challenge the mind and body whilst mapping out clear progressions and goals to work towards.
There are 3 main principles to my programming:
1️⃣ Learning New Skills.
Work towards handstands, chin-ups/muscle ups and movements seen in other practices like gymnastics, callisthenics and capoeira.
2️⃣ Quick and Effective Workouts.
Sessions are adaptable and can be done in 15-20 minute chunks throughout the day or as 1 long session as you prefer.
3️⃣ Overcoming Pain and Discomfort.

The idea is to make movement a regular part of your life 💫

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