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We often get asked what the best product is for X, Y or Z health goal. To help you more easily find the answer, we’ve built out the section below, outlining the top products to help with everything from gut health to hormone support to sleep, stress and mood. Once you find the topic you’re looking for, click ‘shop the collection’ to see the products we recommend. Each product is paired with a blurb explaining how it’s beneficial in relation to that specific health goal. However, all of these products have a variety of benefits. To fully understand all the ways in which they can help you optimise your health and performance, click onto the product page itself and have a read. 

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Daily Nutrient Support // Nature’s Multivitamins Collection

We consider Beef Liver, Beef Organs and Celtic Oysters as nature’s original multivitamins. They’re all packed with a wide variety of bioavailable micronutrients that the modern Western diet leaves out. As a result of adding these back in, people often report a significant boost in energy levels and general wellbeing.

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Energy Collection

Feel like you need an extra boost of energy? All the products below contain nutrients that are known for boosting ATP (cellular energy) production.

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Gut & Digestive Health Collection

Have you ever heard the saying ‘it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb?’ This refers to the fact that you can be eating X, Y or Z gold standard food, but if your digestive system isn’t operating properly, you won’t be able to absorb the nutrients from it. Whether it’s through increasing the digestive enzymes in your system, repairing leaky gut or killing off negative gram bacteria, all the products below have the ability to boost your gut and digestive health.

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Exercise & Performance Collection

There are a lot of factors that play into optimal exercise performance. Whether you’re looking to naturally boost your hormones, energy production, focus / drive or lung capacity, our products below have you covered.

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Bone, Joint & Connective Tissue Health Collection

If you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, are recovering from a broken bone or have any bone degeneration (osteoporosis / osteopenia), then our Whole Bone Matrix would be a great addition to your diet. On the other hand, if you’re having trouble with connective tissues, such as; tendons or ligaments or do a lot of exercise and want to pre-empt their breakdown, then Collagen or Colostrum would be a great fit.

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Brain Health Collection

The health of our brain naturally declines as we age. Our operating speed starts to slow down and we become more forgetful, which can impact our mood. However, there are plenty of diet and lifestyle practises that can slow down brain ageing, resulting in our mind staying sharp into later years.

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Children's Health Collection

We always get asked which of our products are suitable for children. For general wellbeing, the three below are our favourites. Beef Liver and Celtic Oysters act as a natural multivitamin, which can be taken in capsule form or opened up and sprinkled into food. Our Colostrum powder works really well added to milk or yoghurts and is great for boosting immunity, as well as supporting growth.

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Exercise & Recovery

The three products below are great for anyone who trains hard and is looking to recover fast as well as protect against injury.

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Female Health

The below products are amazing for supporting healthy hormone function, nutrient intake, general wellbeing, skin elasticity, strong hair and nails as well stress resilience and sleep.

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Fertility & Hormone Health

The nutrients within the below products have a proven track record of supporting optimal hormone production, fertility and overall female / male health in adults.

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Male health

I chose the products below due to their ability to support key functions of masculinity, especially; energy, confidence, motivation, sex drive, decisiveness and muscle growth.

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Sleep, Stress & Mood

There’s no getting around it, the modern world is stressful. The below products can combat the chaos, relaxing the central nervous system, aiding deep sleep and supporting your mood.

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Skin, Hair & Nails

If you’re looking to boost skin, hair and nail health, our Collagen, Beef Liver and Celtic Oysters are the products for you. We’ve had lots of people feedback that their skin is more hydrated and their nails and hair have become stronger as a result of taking these.

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If you’re someone who’s prone to getting ill or feeling run down, our Colostrum, Celtic Oysters or both are the products for you. If you just tend to suffer with colds during certain periods of the year, we recommend introducing one of the below a month prior and all throughout the period as a preventative method.

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✅ Save 10% off each product you subscribe to

✅ Easy manage your subscriptions in your APE membership profile where a click of a button/top of a screen you can push back your next delivery, skip a delivery, easily add other products or cancel your subscription.

✅ Get your products when YOU want them and never run out!


It depends on your specific requirements really... the Beef Organs contain a wider variety of micronutrients including some more unique nutrients like Selenium (great for immunity and thyroid function) and CoQ10, which is great for cardiovascular health. Whereas the Beef Liver contains less of a variety but the nutrients it does contain (Vitamin A, all the B vitamins, copper, etc) are in a greater density. Personally I usually opt for the Beef Organs as I have a history of poor heart health in my family and I generally recommend this to men over the Beef Liver as they need more heart support. Whereas for women I usually recommend the Beef Liver. That said, it might be worth trialing one and then the other and seeing which works best for you.


Every body is different and every pregnancy is different, so when it comes to delicate situations like this, we like to refer to the experts. Registered Dietician/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, research, and author Lily Nichols, in her book "Real Food for Pregnancy: the science and wisdom of optimal prenatal nutrition says "Liver is one of the richest food sources of folate and vitamin B12, both key in maintaining healthy red blood cells and fostering healthy brain development in your baby. Many of you reading this may have been specifically warned NOT to consume liver during pregnancy, precisely because it is rich in vitamin A...However, we now know that naturally occurring vitamin A does NOT exert toxicity, particularly when consumed with adequate vitamin D and vitamin K2, nutrients that are also found in abundance in liver. This illustrates perfecting why obtaining nutrients from food is far safer than getting them from supplements". (p. 33-34). She goes on to say "liver and supplements are not equivalent...Advice to pregnant women on the consumption of liver based on the reported Vitamin A toxicity supplements, should be reconsidered" (p.34). Finally, Lily states " when buying liver, remember that source matters. This organ is designed to filter toxins and store nutrients, so ideally, seek liver from healthy, pasture-raised animals. If you're especially averse to the taste, you can purchase desiccated liver from grass-fed cows in capsule form and take it as a supplement" (p.35)

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