Here's to more life
Here's to more life

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rediscover what human can be

who we are

We’ve been contemplating what’s underneath the products, the deeper driving force of this entire creation and it can be summed up in 3 words; Realignment with Nature. APE is not just a nutrition brand, we aren’t selling you synthetic supplements made in a lab. Everything we do isn’t just to support you and your body, but also to rebuild nature, giving back to the soil by supporting regenerative agriculture.

⁣Humanity is reaching a tipping point, the vast majority of people spend a large amount of the day disconnected from the landscape that we were intrinsically linked to for the majority of our evolution. They have no idea where their food comes from, or the amount of chemicals used to create it. The disconnection of humans from nature is highlighted as we get drawn further into technology with the emergence of virtual reality. It seems like madness, why would we ever need to enter an augmented world when organic life holds the seeds of the most incredible potential.⁣⁣

We are designed to be in nature, we thrive when we are in contact with the earth. In this modern world, there’s an ever-evolving debate around the optimal way to be healthy and to help the planet heal. It doesn’t have to be complex, there is a simple way to begin and this is what we want to encourage and share throughout all we do. It’s a time for us to return to our roots, consume consciously and bring vitality into all life.⁣⁣

Eat real, nutrient-dense food⁣

Support regenerative agriculture ⁣Get out in nature⁣

Embrace the elements

⁣Move; walk, lift, run ⁣Breathe.

more life

So much is empty.⁣
Devoid of true life.⁣
Headed in the wrong direction.⁣
⁣Yet the potential for life is limitless…⁣
⁣Every field, every food⁣ every cell, every soul⁣.
⁣Thriving, growing, creating, regenerating.⁣
⁣APE has never really been about supplements. It’s always been about rediscovering what human can be.⁣
⁣Through knowledge, through food, through nature and the elements.⁣
⁣Doing everything in a way that rebuilds nature, and by extension ourselves.⁣
⁣These things take time, it’s our choices that determine whether we breathe life into this world.⁣
⁣From people-to-planet⁣
From soil-to-soul⁣
From nose-to-tail⁣
⁣APE is a promise, to each and every one of you that everything we do will lead⁣ —To More Life.

People-To-Planet | soil-to-soul | nose-to-tail

It’s not enough for a company to only focus on the health of humans.⁣⁣
It’s not enough for a company to only focus on rebuilding nature.⁣⁣
To do just one of these things is to ignore the inextricable link between us. ⁣⁣
There is an inherent and synergistic relationship that will flourish when we understand that we can’t heal when nature is sick, and nature can’t heal when humans are sick.⁣⁣
Taking care of your body, is taking care of nature and vice versa. ⁣⁣
When it comes to what we put into our bodies, the best choice for your personal health is food thats been grown and reared in the best way for the planet. ⁣⁣
The health of the soil, plants and animals is crucial if we are to bring vitality throughout all life on this earth.⁣⁣
That is why we say….⁣⁣




nothing dies

When a tree falls and is allowed to decay ⁣one hundred species take its place⁣ and yet we call this death.⁣
⁣When animals live and die on a well-run farm⁣ and leave the soil rich with billions more lives⁣ we call this death.⁣
⁣When we consume the energy of an animal’s body⁣ to create something new in our lives⁣
we call this death.⁣
⁣But existence on this earth isn’t as black and white as life and death.⁣
⁣Death is a transformation, not an ending.⁣
⁣Life is a flow of energy.⁣
⁣And no diet is a bloodless diet. ⁣
⁣When we observe the cycles of life we can see that⁣
creation emerges from destruction.⁣
⁣Understanding this enables us to honour the process and the laws of nature.⁣
⁣The message we want to share is that⁣ nothing dies, ⁣not really.

here's to more life

You have no place worrying about diets or workout plans if there isn't any nature in your life.⁣
⁣Think about it.⁣
⁣How can you be free, if what you eat lived in a cage.⁣
⁣How can you be strong, if what you eat could barely move.⁣
⁣How can you know love, if what you eat only knew fear.⁣
⁣In short, how can you be human, if what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe and what you touch, isn't nature.⁣
⁣These aren't supplements, these are the tools you need to rediscover what human can be, made in a way that rebuilds nature.⁣
⁣People-to-Planet ⁣
Soil-to-Soul ⁣
Nose-to-Tail ⁣