Regenuary: Carnivore vs. Vegan or Industrial Farming vs. Regenerative Agriculture?

Posted by Josh Gape on

What's the point of all this? ⁣

On our social media feed, Veganuary, which I hope was started with pure intentions has turned into a vegan vs carnivore meme war. ⁣

An opportunity for a constructive conversation around how we can be healthier, happier people who take care of this planet & the animals that cohabit it with us has turned into a back and forth of people aiming to trigger each other, and it ends with few people broadening their viewpoint.⁣

I believe that if we got out of our own way for a minute and looked at the situation with fresh eyes, everyone would realise regenerative agriculture is the way forward. ⁣

Unconsciously following veganuary leads to mass consumption of mono-cropped fruits, vegetables and grains, which is terrible for the health of our soil, the key to life. Unconsciously following carnivore month leads to the support of factory farming, which is just an all round horrific practice.⁣

The way things are going, there’s no more time to be arguing amongst ourselves over who’s dietary choice is superior. Whilst we are distracted, the food system is on a fast track to being totally controlled by people who only care about profit.⁣

Ultimately your dietary choice is up to you. Eat in the way that makes you happy and vital. If this means following a vegan or carnivore diet then great, do exactly that, but if you started following one of these approaches and it made you feel better, you began to identify with it, your friendship group got built around it and now you're not feeling so good but you feel trapped in it consciously or unconsciously I hope you see this message as an opportunity to reflect and start eating in a way that nourishes you. ⁣

Compared to industrial farming, regenerative agriculture produces both plant and animal foods in a way that aligns with nature. It generates less GHGs, doesn't create antibiotic-resistant pathogens and encourages wildlife biodiversity, all whilst increasing soil health and the nutrition within food. ⁣

If you want to get a better picture of how regenerative farming works, I think one of the best places to start is to listen to Will Harris of @whiteoakpastures on @joerogan ‘s podcast, click here for episode.