Optimised Female Case Studies; Hayley, Heather & Anna

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Everything You or Your Partner Needs To Know About Optimised Female...

To say we've been blown away by the response we've received since the launch of Optimised Female would be an understatement. I mean, we get some very powerful responses to our products across the whole range, but when you read some of the community member features below you'll understand what we mean by how transformational this blend in particular has been for the women in our community. 
Before we get into the specifics, I'd like to share a few important insights. One of the biggest pieces of feedback themes expressed from our female customers is that there are so few natural options when it comes to providing relief, healing or resolution to the myriad of challenges women can experience throughout their lifetime. Often women are pushed towards taking hormone-based contraception, a concoction of pills, HRT or worse, told that it's just something they have to get on with (often the case especially when it comes to painful periods, and the various stages of menopause). 
We're not claiming that Optimised Female is the answer to all problems. But we do believe it can play a really impactful role, especially when paired with a Nose-to- Tail approach to eating, exercise/movement and a healthy lifestyle.
What's also been fascinating to hear from customers is how adaptogenic this organ blend is for a vast array of symptoms which you can read all about below. 
P.S if you're interested in the effects, benefits and reviews on the men's counterpart, tap here to check out everything you need to know about Optimised Male.

What is Optimised Female?

Optimised Female, a natural option to support female health.

The beef organs within this blend (50% bovine female reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes) as well as liver and kidney), are associated with:
✅ Improved fertility, hormones and reproductive health
✅ Increased energy & vitality
✅ Improved mood & mental clarity
✅ Enhanced thyroid function and immunity

This unique blend of organs contains beneficial compounds that work in tandem to support female hormone production and reproductive health. For example, Zinc plays an essential role in ovulation, fertilisation, fetal development, hormone balance, reducing menstrual pain and PMS. 

Customer Spotlights

We'd like to take a quick moment and thank all of the women that have reached out to us and shared their stories. We fully understand how difficult it can be to speak openly about health challenges, especially when it feels so personal. However, sharing in this way can really empower others to make a positive change in their lives, so we really appreciate it. 
We decided to start building product case studies to pull this feedback into one place and to do this, we put together some questions for customers open to sharing in order to collect the most helpful information, effects, benefits, etc that may provide insights to other women searching for a natural way to support their health. 
Here's what we asked...
  1. What symptoms were you experiencing before taking Optimised Female and what supplements/lifestyle/nutritional changes had you tried to address these?
  2. How long have you been taking Optimised Female? How many capsules did you start with and how many are you taking now?
  3. When did you start to feel/notice benefits? And what are they?
  4. Have you noticed any unexpected benefits?
  5. Are you taking any other APE products, if so which ones and for how long before or after you started Optimised Female?
  6. What would you have liked to know more about before taking this product? Eg. How could we improve the information provided on the product page based on your personal experience?
And below is what they shared...

Hayley's Journey

I was very peri-menopausal... sweats, chest pains, struggling to get oxygen when training, exhausted, brain fog and my memory was shocking.

I can remember dropping my daughter to her cheer comp, popping to Tesco's and having to go back to the car for a nap...I was a walking zombie!

My periods had become non existent.

I was back and forth the docs, heart scans, chest scans (because of the chest pain) and breathing issues...

6 months later, docs put me on HRT! At the age of 38.

It helped but I noticed different changes. My body went flubby over night, carrying excess weight around my stomach and I just didn't have the drive in me to push any of my work outs. I'm used to working out 6 days a week. During HRT I couldn't climb a rope, which is a normal movement for me.
So started doing some research into APE Nutrition and spoke to Josh... At first I started taking the beef brain and liver and felt more alert after days. I then looked into the optimised female and took the decision to stop the HRT and try this supplement instead.
I'm two months in...
I can climb a rope 🤣
I can push the gym
The belly weight is shifting
I'm more alert
My periods are back!
I started with 6 but that was based on my symptoms were so severe (listed above). I still take 6 everyday and I've recently started taking the oysters as well. 
I felt the benefits above start to kick in within days...
The main unexpected benefits; I thought I was going to phase approach it, slow down HRT and increase optimised female. However, I went cold turkey on the HRT and instead took the full dose of optimised female and it worked.
I also take the cordyceps in my coffee and collagen in my shake. I started these two months before optimised female.

Heather's Journey

Pre-Optimised Female (OF) I was experiencing: 
Awful mood swings. 
Period rage. 
Brain fogs. 
Poor concentration. 
Severe fatigue. Every day I felt like I was running on zero. 
Hair loss/breakage. 
Weight loss
Period pain in my back. Heavy blood loss for 7 days. Super scary low moods. Lots of crying. 
I started taking 6 capsules per day from the 1st Feb 2024 with my breakfast. I plan to take 6 capsules daily for 90 days and assess how many capsules to continue taking after that. 
Felt a difference immediately! I joked with my husband that the improvements on day 1 must have been a placebo effect surely?! But I truly felt a difference from day 1. Within a few hours I felt the brain fog receding a little and it got better every day.
I started to take them purely for the fatigue side of things, when I read the description I was scan reading for the word ‘fatigue’. I never imagined they would seriously help with my periods because I have always struggled with low moods and anxiety made worse by my cycle. It makes sense that my hormones would massively impact me but I was ignorant to just how much or ways in which I could alleviate this. The first period I had whilst taking OF was amazing. I had zero back pain, my cycle returned to my pre-pregnancy cycle of just 3 days of moderate bleeding rather then 7 days of heavy bleeding. I wasn’t even aware I was due on, my symptoms were that mild. And best of all I didn't argue with my husband and continued with day to day life as if it was a normal week.
I’ve also find it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep now. I have less anxious thoughts bothering me and feel happier and calmer in myself.  
I'm not currently not taking any other APE products. 

What we've learned about Optimised Female.. 

It's one of our strongest supplements and between knowing this and also understanding that every body is different, what is required to find hormonal balance is going to look different for each woman. 
It's why we now recommend that most women start with 1 capsule and reassess as they go until they find the most symptom relief and feel their best. 

In terms of the other feedback we've had, here's a snapshot of what Optimised Female can help with...

  • Decreased PMS symptoms
  • Cycle regulation/return of cycle
  • Hormonal support regardless of age where there is hormone dysregulation
  • Reduction/alleviation of perimenopause and menopause symptoms (hot flashes, hormone imbalances, sleep disruption, acne, mood)
  • Improved/balanced mood (decreased stress and improved temperament)
  • Healthier skin, alleviation of adult acne (specifically cystic acne)
  • Easier to manage weight 
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased overall female hormone, reproductive/fertility health
  • Improved energy & mental clarity and overall wellbeing 
  • Alleviation of PCOS/Endometriosis symptoms & effects
  • Increased Libido
  • Postpartum hormone regulation support


Lastly, a note from the team...

Hey everyone, Anna here from the APE Team. You may remember hearing from me when we first launched Optimised Female and I just wanted to share with you an update on my own experience with it. 
Since for me, I wasn't experiencing glaring symptoms, I held off on integrating it into my supplement routine. However, in the last year, I've been through some pretty big life changes which left me feeling less than my best self. I'd say what sent me over the edge in starting OF was feeling a lot of emotional fluctuations which were feeling more heightened than "normal". And in all honesty, the day I took my first capsule, just like Heather and Hayley have said, I felt different. I decided to stay with 1 capsule for a week and then added a second and I felt amazing- steady, calm and most noticeably near my cycle I didn't feel "all over the place." I did experiment with a third capsule but pretty quickly felt it was too much for me and have since gone back down to 2 capsules. 
Unexpected benefits for me, I've been taking OF for 2 months now, have been: clearer skin, especially around my jawline, sharper thinking and overall my nervous system just feels more settled and grounded.
If you feel that Optimised Female could help you or a loved one but are unsure please reach out the us, we're always happy to help provide as much information as possible. Additionally, if you've been taking OF and would be open to sharing your story, we'd love to hear from you! 
– Anna & the APE Team