Do You Know The Rockefellers?

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This is a name we all should know as in one way or another we have interacted with a system that they are responsible for putting in place.


The 1900’s was a century of huge advancements and shifts. It's undeniable that the fields of technology and medicine progressed at an incredibly rapid rate during this time. 


However the question we're looking at today is... at what cost?


The path of industrial advancement could have developed in a number of ways, yet it's been cleverly designed to sit inside systems that that keeps us dependent on big business. The framework that has been built around us is unavoidable and it's implied that it's methods are the 'right' way and hold the highest potential for human development. 


We believe this is not true and that there is another way. We still find it crazy that we are referred to as an alternative health company. As if a reliance on little pills made in a lab is normal and us promoting nutrient dense, real foods that human beings have been thriving on long before the Industrial Revolution, makes us some fringe outer movement. It can’t be denied, whoever has funnelled society down this path has done a pretty good job. 


When you do a little digging it becomes obvious that big business and billionaires have a huge involvement in shaping modern-day narratives and perspectives. If you look into major changes in the world's business history, you will find the names of a few families and individuals cropping up over and over.


There seems to be a classic trend of billionaires getting rich through whatever means necessary, then becoming ‘philanthropists’. This includes an expensive marketing campaign, well publicised hand outs and bam... the general public starts to think these people can do no wrong, which creates a veil for their more nefarious acts.  


The realty is that we've been born into a system where money talks above all else. Basic values and human morals go out the window and we are left with individuals rising to the top who have absolutely no right being there. 


If we could see the destruction to the planet and human life that is linked to the majority of billionaires no one would ever argue in their favour or pay attention to them again.


There are the modern-day culprits that, if you've been reading these opinion piece emails, you'll be well familiar with. Yet what we don’t realise is that the framework they are operating in was put in place by much older, wealthier families. What was once a cunning plan for control and wealth has evolved into a functioning structure embedded into modern-day society.


So back to the Rockefellers and specifically John D Rockefeller. The medical system that we operate out of today, with its methodologies, measurements, and parameters was created in part by this Big Oil mogul. A Big Oil giant heavily involved in developing the ‘health care' system... doesn't sound like a good idea straight out the gate but let's take a deeper look.


The first question that came to our mind was; what interest would an oil mogul have in the medical system? On the surface there doesn't seem to be a link but what we quickly (and alarmingly) discovered was that petrochemicals (which are made from oil) make up 99% of pharmaceutical feedstock. 


Feedstock is the ‘raw material that is used to make a product in an industrial process.' This demonstrates that the drug business is built from the ground up on extractive practises.


In the early 1900’s Rockefeller owned 90% of oil refineries in the US and he saw an opportunity in using his oil to make pharmaceuticals. The only thing was, at this point the medical system had a much broader viewpoint and there was a huge focus on holistic practises and herbal remedies. These natural methods cannot be patented, so in the same way we are seeing billionaires today rush to eliminate natural foods and capitalise on fake foods that can be patented, Rockefeller started this practise with the medical system. 


Abraham Flexer, an individual who worked with education methods (no medical background), was employed in the early 1900s by the Carnigee Foundation to carry out an analysis of all the medical schools in America. It was promoted as an attempt to bring about huge medical advancements. 


What the report actually did was banish all traces of natural remedies and holistic practices from the curriculum and instead turned the entire focus onto the pharmaceutical and drug-based approach. Over 100 medical schools were shut down within months of the report being released. Those that followed regulations and complied were given a huge cash injection and financial backing by non-other than John D Rockefeller. He started working closely with the Carnigee foundation and Flexner, playing a pivotal role in the ‘reform’ of the medical system.


Now despite it not being officially documented, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that these partnerships were already in action behind closed doors. Carnigee and Rockefeller conspired to shift the medical system to a drug-based, allopathic model, which is still the standard today.


Almost every natural option was smeared with the label ‘Quackery’. Medication production rocketed, with Rockefeller using his oil to create the majority of it. As a result, Rockefeller's wealth and control grew exponentially.


Discovering that 99% of pharmaceuticals are created from oil actually connected a lot of dots for us. If the spotlight was truly turned on oil for destruction of the planet, Big Pharma would also be drastically impacted. 


Not only this, but we have a medical system that needs us sick. Every time we go to the doctors, we are a potential customer that in a lot of cases willingly and unwittingly signs up for a lifelong subscription service.


Nutrient-dense foods and healthy eating are a way we can heal ourselves and live as vital humans. Beef, especially organ meat is some of the most bioavailable and nutrient-dense food available to us. By demonising meat (particularly beef) from a health and climate perspective, they have the perfect scapegoat that keeps the focus off big oil and creates a void to be filled by patented fake foods.


The eradication of beef from our diet will likely create a number of health issues for humans, as it removes such a nutrient dense food out of the diets of a lot of people who are already nutrient deficient. As a result, this creates an opportunity for Big Pharma to sell more pills and Big Food to create more patentable fake food substitutes ultimately giving them more wealth and control. 


How many people do you know that have gone to the doctors for a specific illness and get prescribed drugs to mask the symptoms, which they need to take for the rest of their life, only to experience side effects from that drug and be prescribed an additional pill to counteract these and so on? It's a sad state of affairs but a lot of doctors are drug dealers for the pharmaceutical industry and don't have the understanding of how to address the root cause of someones illness and actually help them. 


The wheel goes round and round, and it is only when we become aware of this madness and start to take action into our own hands that we can become truly healthy individuals.


We think that understanding the history that created our current medical / pharmaceutical system is crucial in starting to break away from the mentality it breeds. When Big Oil is so heavily involved in the 'health care' system, it's clear there is a big problem. If you want to experience true health and vitality, it's time to start exploring outside of this framework and looking into the 'alternative' methods. 


Here's To More Life, 


Josh & Izzi