Chicken Heart, Bacon & Bone Broth White Rice | Nose-To-Tail Recipe

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Chicken Heart, Bacon & Bone Broth White Rice Recipe 

This is hands down my favourite nose-to-tail meal at the moment. It tastes really good and it’s got a whole load of health benefits too.

Our Hunter Gatherer ancestors understood the importance of eating the whole animal, nose-to-tail, letting no part go to waste. When we were first starting out with APE, we were doing some research and we soon realised that butchers had an abundance of organ meats and bones that were either frozen or going to waste. We felt that the animals who gave their lives for us to thrive were not truly being honoured, as these cuts are some of the most nutrient dense, providing key micronutrients which are easily absorbed by the human body.

Heart for example is packed with COQ10, a key mitochondrial antioxidant needed for cellular energy metabolism and heart health. You can learn more on our Nose-To-Tail Diet article here.

Bone broth is amazing for skin, joint and gut health as well as being loaded with the amino acid glycine, which is thought to be sleep promoting.

White rice and bone broth is a perfect evening meal combo as the rice lowers cortisol, which also helps with sleep.

⁃ 125g of truly free range chicken hearts from Piper's Farm
⁃ 125g of bacon
⁃ 2 cloves of garlic
⁃ 1 small onion from Riverford Farm
⁃ 100g organic white rice
⁃ 1 tbsp bone broth concentrate
⁃ 1 tsp grass-fed beef tallow

⁃ Start by boiling the white rice in water
⁃ Melt a teaspoon of beef tallow in a pan over a medium heat
⁃ Chop up the garlic, onions and bacon and add these to the pan
⁃ Stir until browned and then add the chicken hearts
⁃ Once the chicken hearts and rice are ready take the pan off the heat and add the white rice into the mix
⁃ Add a tablespoon of bone broth on top and stir
⁃ Once all mixed together enjoy!

If you want to see a video of how we did it, it's here on our Instagram.  

Have a go and let us know what you think!