APE Approved Independent Health Food Stores by Region (UK)

Posted by Josh Gape on

Unfortunately healthy food is becoming harder and harder to find.


I've heard of beef being advertised as 'organic' when the cattle have been fed an unnatural diet of organic oats. As with humans, evolutionary inappropriate foods like this tend to cause inflammation in the body, which negatively impacts health. When cattle are fed this way it has been shown to increase the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio in their meat, which is then inflammatory to humans on consumption. In addition to this, natural grass-fed meat and milk has been shown to be higher in health-promoting phytonutrients.* 


We have an article coming out on this next to fully explain it. However in short, a new food 'technology' Apeel has just been introduced to supermarkets. Appel is a new plant-based invisible coating that is sprayed over fruit and vegetables to extend their shelf life by slowing down water loss, preventing oxidation and protecting against environmental stressors. It’s designed to not be washed off but eaten with food. It’s highly processed, contains ingredients that are know to damage health and there’s been no long term research to prove it’s safety.


To help you avoid food like this and find truly healthy places to shop, we asked you all for your favourite local food shops doing things the right way. 


We've listed everywhere that was recommend below in alphabetical order. If there's anywhere we've missed, we plan to update this regularly so please send us a message on Instagram or via the contact us form on our website and we'll get them added. 


  • Alsager - The Real Food Company 
  • Baysleap Farm - Heddon 
  • Brighton - Infinity Foods 
  • Brightleigh Farm - Redhill 
  • Bristol - Wild Oats 
  • Haelan Centre
  • East Grinstead - Good & Green 
  • East Grinstead - Plaw Hatch Farm 
  • East Sussex - Tablehurst Farm 
  • Elie Scotland - Ardross Farm 
  • Kentish Town - Earth Natural Foods 
  • Kilea  - Culmore Organic Farm
  • Kings Langley - Claire James
  • Lancashire (Clitheroe) - Gazegill Organics
  • Newcastle upon Tyne (Heddon) - Bays Leap Dairy Farm 
  • Newry Northern Ireland - MicroBio Health
  • Peckforton - Peckforton Dairy Farm 
  • Penrith - Gow & Barrow
  • Powys (Newton) - Graig Farm 
  • Radlett, Hertfordshire - Vimi Eco Store
  • Sheffield  - Our Cow Molly
  • Twywn - Flame Lily's


 * Health-Promoting Phytonutrients Are Higher in Grass-Fed Meat and Milk: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fsufs.2020.555426/full