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💪 100% Real Food Supplements Packed With Key Micronutrients

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🍄 All Mushrooms Are Organic and Naturally Wild Crafted

🦪 Pacific Oysters are sustainably harvested from unpolluted waters.

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Bestseller | Grass-Fed Beef Organs

This ancestral superfood blend is made from 50% beef liver, 25% heart and 25% kidney. These are three of the most nutrient dense foods on the earth (see icons below for details) and when consumed together epitomise nose-to-tail nutrition. All our organs are sourced from an organic certified farm where the cattle are grass-fed and free to roam on pastures. We gently freeze dry the organs raw to maintain as many of the fragile nutrients and enzymes within them. Each jar contains 180, 500mg capsules.

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What Our Customers are saying about grass-fed beef organs

"I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical when reading the below reviews (and still was after taking!). Felt a hugely positive shift in mood, energy levels and general sense of well-being when taking these alongside the Optimised Male range. Not sure if it’s the B12 affecting energy levels or a combination of products / nutrients but the effects were very noticeable. I took some time off taking them to see if it made a difference and definitely noticed a drop in energy and mood—more of a return to ‘baseline’. Now desperate to begin taking again and am replacing my current multi-vitamin with these! Amazing product, thank you APE!" -Jamie

"I’ve started to have these instead of my multivitamins and my gosh I can notice a difference. I feel like I have more energy and know I’m getting more bioavailable nutrients per serving. Love them!" -AJ

"An amazing product assisting in modern day human health using ancestral wisdom that organ meats are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. I have found it increasingly difficult to find good quality grass fed organ meats all year round and the Ape Nutrition Beef Organs product is an amazing day to day insurance policy that allows myself and my partner to have the best quality micronutrients on a daily basis. Especially great for people who travel a lot and/or can’t stand the taste of organ meats. The product also gives me peace of mind that it is ethically sourced from farms that practices regenerative agriculture in the UK. Thank you Josh and Izzy for your love, care and attention with all your products." -Elliot

People-To-Planet | soil-to-soul | nose-to-tail

It’s not enough for a company to only focus on the health of humans.⁣⁣
It’s not enough for a company to only focus on rebuilding nature.⁣⁣
To do just one of these things is to ignore the inextricable link between us. ⁣⁣
There is an inherent and synergistic relationship that will flourish when we understand that we can’t heal when nature is sick, and nature can’t heal when humans are sick.⁣⁣
Taking care of your body, is taking care of nature and vice versa. ⁣⁣
When it comes to what we put into our bodies, the best choice for your personal health is food thats been grown and reared in the best way for the planet. ⁣⁣
The health of the soil, plants and animals is crucial if we are to bring vitality throughout all life on this earth.⁣⁣
That is why we say….⁣⁣




nothing dies

When a tree falls and is allowed to decay ⁣one hundred species take its place⁣ and yet we call this death.⁣
⁣When animals live and die on a well-run farm⁣ and leave the soil rich with billions more lives⁣ we call this death.⁣
⁣When we consume the energy of an animal’s body⁣ to create something new in our lives⁣
we call this death.⁣
⁣But existence on this earth isn’t as black and white as life and death.⁣
⁣Death is a transformation, not an ending.⁣
⁣Life is a flow of energy.⁣
⁣And no diet is a bloodless diet. ⁣
⁣When we observe the cycles of life we can see that⁣
creation emerges from destruction.⁣
⁣Understanding this enables us to honour the process and the laws of nature.⁣
⁣The message we want to share is that⁣ nothing dies, ⁣not really.