An Unprocessed Life

Posted by Josh Gape on

Everything is processed. 


Think about it. 


We've all heard of processed food, we all know its dangers, but this goes way deeper. 


The light above your head, the light coming from this screen, is processed light. 


The water in your tap, with all the fluoride and chlorine, is processed water. 


The text you just sent, or the call you just made, is processed human connection.


Polyester is processed clothing. 


The news is processed information. 


Cities are a processed environment. 


You wouldn't be here reading this if you hadn't cut out processed food, but step back, look at everything else in your life and begin to un-process.


Real food. 


Real light. 


Real connection. 


Real water. 


Real environments. 


Real truth. 


Once you see it, you can't un-see it. 


Piece by piece, it's time to un-process your life. 


APE // An unprocessed life