8 Reasons Why Eating Nose to Tail Wins

Posted by Josh Gape on

Eating organ meat has become quite the sensation on the internet in the last couple of years… But it doesn't mean you need to be gorging on raw liver and walking around barefoot with a spear.
In all seriousness though…
When you filter out the social media noise and concentrate on the pure facts, eating a nose-to-tail diet makes a lot of sense. Here's why: 

1.) Nutrient density

 No other food source packs nearly the same punch as organs. Beef liver alone is loaded with essential nutrients including Vitamin A, Iron, B12, and Choline. That’s why we believe everyone should consume this natural multivitamin as a bare minimum. 

2.) Bioavailability
Animal products are proven to have an unparalleled absorption rate when compared to plants or synthetic multivitamins. No more money ending up in the toilet (literally). 

3.) Convenience (and cost) 
Since nose-to-tail foods offer complete nutrition, it's more convenient and cost-effective to add a few nutrient-packed organ meats into your diet, rather than forking out a ton of money on a wide range of fancy veggies or supplements.

4.) No anti-nutrients
Look, your salad isn’t trying to kill you. If it is…it’s doing a pretty poor job. But gut issues and autoimmune conditions are super common and often go undiagnosed. 
Many find they feel better when they steer clear of compounds in plant foods that can trigger those nagging symptoms like skin flare-ups, brain fog, fatigue, etc. If this sounds like you, it would be worth trading the kale for some kidney and watch your issues clear up. 

5.) Waste Reduction...
Eating nose-to-tail makes a lot of sense from a food sustainability standpoint. The reality of the modern food system is that we mainly consume muscle meats and all those nutritious organs are left to go to waste. Like humans for 99.9% of our existence of this planet, we should savour every bit of the animal, which means more nourishment, while reducing food waste. Simply put, each cow gives us more bang for our buck when we tap into their treasure trove of nutrient-dense organs and bones – not just the ribeyes and sirloins.

6.) Rare Nutrients...
Many unique, health-promoting biological compounds are found very rarely in food generally but are abundant in certain organs. Such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) found in brain, and CoQ10 in heart.

7.) Better For The Planet...
Assuming you’re sourcing grass-fed and finished organs from farms that use regenerative agriculture practices (like we do at APE)... then you are directly helping to heal the earth and build a sustainable future – not to mention supporting small scale farmers! You can read more about Organic & Regenerative Farming and why these practices are essential to the health of us, our soil and the planet here. 

8.) More Energy and Vitality...
And most importantly… you just feel damn good – almost superhuman. Because when you gift your body with such a diverse range of nutrients your body can actually make use of…the difference is like night and day.
  Make sense?
Good – because that’s all we got :)
PS - Remember, getting fresh organs is always a good shout…

But if you have a hard time accessing grass-fed and finished organs, or aren’t a fan of the flavour…  You’re always welcome to check out our nose-to-tail range here