The Ultimate Beef & Liver Burger Recipe

Posted by Josh Gape on

Next up in our Nose-to-Tail recipe series… beef burgers made with liver and raw cheese. ⁣

This is one of the easiest ways to get liver into your diet without the taste (that isn’t our capsules). ⁣

Honestly if you use the ratios of beef to liver below and a good flavourful raw cheese, you can’t taste the liver at all. ⁣

Liver is arguably the most nutrient dense food on earth, it’s packed with bioavailable vitamins and minerals, including: ⁣
- The active form of Vitamin A (Retinol), which regulates the action of over 500 genes in the body. It supports vision, the immune system, reproduction and skin health⁣
- All the B Vitamins, especially B12, which is essential for energy production⁣
- Copper, which IMO is one of the most underrated micronutrients. One reason for this is that it’s the only element in the world that can harness oxygen and regulate iron so we don’t get oxidative stress⁣

- 200g of beef mince ⁣
- 50g of liver⁣
- 1 small onion ⁣
- Salt and pepper (to taste)⁣
- Cheese (to taste)⁣

- Chop the liver really finely (the finer the better) without liquidising it. Don’t use a blender (I tried this and it didn’t work)⁣
- Mix the chopped liver with the beef mince and add salt / pepper ⁣
- Fridge the burgers to help them bind (not necessary but optional step if you want them to hold a bit more) ⁣
- Melt a decent sized teaspoon of beef tallow in a pan over a medium heat (you don’t want the burgers to stick) ⁣
- Chop up the onion and add this to the pan⁣
- Add the beef burgers (pan heat depends on how you like your burgers / liver cooked). I opted for a medium-low heat here because I wanted them cooked through⁣
- Add cheese on top of the burgers and cover until melted ⁣
- By this point your onions should be nice and browned⁣
- Serve and enjoy!

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