medicinal mushrooms 101
medicinal mushrooms 101

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When making a mushroom extract powder, there are a number of factors that need to be considered to ensure an extremely high quality product. These include: 

✅ How they're are grown - they should be naturally wild-crafted, meaning they're cultivated in a controlled version of their natural environment on the substrate materials native to each particular mushroom with access to fresh air and sunlight 

✅ Organic status - as with all genuine health food products, they need to be organic, non-GMO and without additives or fillers 

✅ The extraction process - to maximise the number of beneficial compounds in the finished product, these mushrooms need to be dual-extracted

✅ Concentration - in order to enhance these incredible mushrooms even further the powder can be concentrated and made many times stronger than the original mushroom. 

✅ 100% pure mushroom - no added fillers, starch, grains or mycelium

✅ Lab analysis - finally the finished powder extracts need to be tested for their levels of beneficial compounds and to ensure they contain no heavy metal or harmful chemicals

At APE, we wanted to bring you a product that ticks all the above boxes. Having left no stone unturned in the creation of our own mushroom extract powders, our latest batch of 10:1 concentrated Cordyceps , 8:1 concentrated Lion's Mane, 8:1 concentrated Reishi, 8:1 Dawn (Lion's Mane & Cordyceps) and 8:1 Dusk (Reishi & Chaga) are made up of 25.6%, 21.1% and 31.4% beta-glucans, the beneficial compound known primarily for it's immune enhancing properties. 

Failing to do these things will result in a mushroom extract powder that has poor levels of the bioactive compounds they're known for and subsequently you won't feel the effects to anywhere near the extent you should do. 

who we are

APE began 4 years ago in our small kitchen in London and since then it has evolved so much. Our mission has always been to bring the highest quality, natural supplements to our customers and as our range expands, this is something we continue to uphold.

We understand that there is a balance which allows humans and nature to thrive synergistically. When we eat, we bring the environment inside ourselves using it to create our cells and build our bodies. Our supplements aren't synthetic creations from a lab. Whether our products are organically grown and natures answer to boosting our health and vitality.

We are so grateful to have built an incredible community around the business and have the chance to connect with like minded people across the UK and further! Our newsletters are a space where we feel we can offer a more personal insight than we can on other platforms. We share nutrition tips, recipes and blogs deep diving into topics ranging from debunking nutrition myths to addressing the flaws in mainstream dietary information.

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Which One should I try first?

Often we are asked, "out of all 3 of your mushroom products, what's the best one to start with?" And honestly, it's a hard question to answer and really does depend on what you're looking for in terms of results, benefits, and needs. Although all the mushrooms we sell have some similar attributes in terms of supporting the immune system, blood sugar regulation, nerve regeneration, improving mental clarity, and physical wellbeing, they also have that one stand-out benefits they have become known for. Below we've included the key benefits as well as some helpful feedback from our customers that we hope will help give you a deeper understanding of how each mushroom powder could be of benefit to you. 

Neuro-regenerative | Lion's mane

Lion’s Mane mushroom is known for its ability to increase focus, memory and immunity. This incredible mushroom has been shown to stimulate nerve cell growth and repair, which aids with physical recovery as well as enhancing cognition. It also contains high amounts of beta-glucans, which up-regulate the bodies immune system to fight off pathogens and clear out damaged cells.


"Having heard of the benefits Lions Mane brings, I thought I would check it out myself. There is no doubt about it that if you want to focus this natural resource achieves just that. Work means I spend large periods of time in front of a screen, which is not something I find easy to do, so I started mixing Lions Mane into a greens shake in the morning and have found my concentration levels significantly increase for a large part of the day. 100% recommend!"- Allstair

"I have been using this to help me manage my menopausal symptoms of memory loss and anxiety. So far my focus has improved and I am already feeling less anxious. Thank you!!"- Michelle

"Lions mane , and I speak with no hyperbole, has changed my life for the better. Anxiety gone , focus restored and a love for life realised. Truly awesome product" - George

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Rest & Unwind| Reishi

Reishi mushroom has an incredible ability to enhance immunity and reduce stress, which helps with deep restful sleep. The beta-glucans, polysaccharides and triterpenes within Reishi are known for their ability to up-regulate the bodies immune response through boosting our cells ability to eradicate pathogens and increasing apoptosis. Apoptosis is the natural process of our body clearing out damaged cells such as those infected with a virus. Research is also indicating that these polysaccharides and triterpenes can calm the central nervous system and lower stress levels in the body. The increased relaxation that has been observed as a result of Reishi consumption has resulted in increases in deep sleep and enhanced recovery.

What our customers are saying:
"Absolutely loving this product. Treat myself every now and then to a bedtime drink with Reishi mushroom powder, raw cacao, raw dairy milk and a spoonful of raw honey. Tastes amazing, satisfies the occasional sweet tooth and helps me sleep soundly and wake up feeling super refreshed and energised!" -Jamie

"I have been using this to improve my sleep and I am already seeing the benefits. I also like the fact that the mushrooms are grown in their natural habitat and that this product is organic." -Jake

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Boost Stamina | Cordyceps

Cordyceps is an edible mushroom that when consumed has been shown to have a host of health and performance benefits. Studies have demonstrated its ability to promote oxygen uptake, energy and endurance as well as support immunity focus and blood sugar regulation. 

What our customers are saying:
"I've recently switched to using the cordyceps as an alternative to pre workout and the energy has been incredible! Able to train harder for longer and stronger on everything. Absolutely flying through sessions and no crash after. They've been an amazing addition to the other APE products I use" - Martin

"Been loving incorporating cordyceps into my morning routine—whether at the gym, boxing, BJJ or the office! Find they really help to improve my energy and alertness, which, when combined with APE’s MCT oil and Lions Mane keeps me locked onto and energised for whatever activity I’m focusing on—whether exercise or work." - Jamie

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newest releases- Dawn & Dusk

We've just launched our latest products; Dawn & Dusk, two unique mushroom blends. Dawn has been designed to be used in the morning / early afternoon to help you start and move through the day with energy and focus, and Dusk is for the evening to help you wind down and aid your sleep and recovery. 

Like our Lion's Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi mushroom powders, the quality of these are unparalleled, with the mushrooms being organically grown and wild-crafted with fresh air, sunlight and clean water and then dual extracted and concentrated for potency. 

However, unlike our previous mushroom products, we've tried something different and decided to encapsulate them for ease while you're on the go and so you can receive the benefits of these powerful medicinal mushrooms without the taste (as we know it isn't for everyone). 

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featured bundle

Mushroom Trinity

featured bundle | trinity mushroom bundle

Our mushroom collection includes a powerhouse of products to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Our Lion's Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms are organic certified and wildcrafted in nature. Pick up 3 of our bestsellers with our Mushroom Trinity bundle!

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Mushroom frequently asked Questions

Do you lab test your products?

Of course - every batch is tested for heavy metals and beta-glucan percentage. Beta-glucans are the compounds within Lion's Mane, which give it it's immune enhancing properties.

How long will my tub last?

This all depends on dosage. However, if you take 1-2 grams per day, the tub will last 20-40 days.

How are your mushrooms grown?

All of our mushrooms are certified organic, made from 100% fruiting bodies and is grown wild-crafted on logs with natural sun light, fresh air and spring water. We then use a dual-extraction and vacuum drying process to turn the mushrooms into an 8:1 concentrated extract powder.  

Do you have subscriptions?

Yes we do and when you subscribe you'll recieve 10% off each product you order. Our subscriptions are super easy to manage and you can go to our website anytime and with one click you can: 

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