Grass-Fed Collagen Powder

Being a major component of the human body (it makes up roughly 30% of total body protein), collagen gives structure to our tendons, ligaments, bones, skin, hair, nails and the gut lining. Our powder is a combination of type 1 & 3 collagen sourced from 100% grass-fed and finished cattle free from hormones, antibiotics or exposure to chemicals. Hot and cold soluble, as well as odourless and flavourless, our collagen peptides can be mixed into a wide variety of drinks or meals. Each bag contains 400g's (40 servings).  Find out more
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Skin Elasticity & Tone
Skin Elasticity & Tone

 Making up roughly 80% of our skin, collagen has become well known for its ability to improve elasticity and tone, giving skin a hydrated look.

Joint Health & Mobility
Joint Health & Mobility

Collagen is the main structural component in connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments. Supporting these connective elements of the body improves joint health and mobility.

Gut Health
Gut Health

Forming part of our gut wall, collagen can aid in the repair of leaky gut and subsequently improve digestion.

Strong Hair & Nails
Strong Hair & Nails

An intrinsic part of our bones, collagen supports the hair and nail growth as well as strength.

About the product

Grass-Fed Collagen Powder

Eating whole animals, nose-to-tail, was a way of life for human beings for 99% of our existence on this earth. It’s only recently that the really nutritious parts of animals like organs and bones have dropped out of our diet. Our ancestors believed that to strengthen parts of their body, it was important to consume the corresponding part of a healthy animal. Interestingly, this is just now being validated by science. Research conducted at the University of Edinburgh in animal models has shown conclusively that when eaten, organs and glands selectively travel to the corresponding organ of the consumer in high concentrations. Although not an organ, collagen supports this research, as when consumed it travels to our skin, connective tissues, gut lining, bones and hair to strengthen them.

Our ancestors also appreciated that animals gave their lives to ensure us as humans could survive and thrive so they left nothing go to waste. And because of their deep connection with the earth and their own bodies they intuitively knew just how nutrient dense the rarer parts of an animal are and would prise these over muscle meats. Fast forward to today and the immense powers of eating nose-to-tail has somewhat been forgotten. Parts of animals that were once highly sought after are now rarely consumed and generally people no longer enjoy the taste. We created our nose-to-tail line to help people reintroduce these ancestral superfoods, loaded with nutrients in an easy to consume and flavourless way.

Nutritional Information: One Serving ( 2 Scoops / 10g) - Kcal: 36.8 - Fat: 0 - of which Saturates: 0 - Carbohydrates: 0 - of which Sugars: 0 - Fibre: 0 - Protein: 9.2 - Salt: 0.14 

Amino Acid Profile (Typical G AA / Per 100g) Alanine 8.1 - Arginine 8.4 -Asparagine 6.6 - Glutamine 12.4 - Glycine 20.6 - Histidine 0.8 - Hydroxylysine 1.2 - Hydroxyproline 11.4 - Isoleucine 1.5 - Leucine 2.9 - Lysine 3.4 - Methionine 0.6 - Phenylalanine 2.1 - Proline 11.5 - Serine 3.4 - Threonine 1.9 - Tyrosine 0.5 - Valine 2.4

Ingredients: 100% Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen Peptides 
*Our collagen powder is sourced from 100% grass-fed and finished cattle free from hormones, antibiotics or exposure to chemicals. 

  • How to use

    How to use

    Consume 10-20g per day. Hot and cold soluble, as well as odourless and flavourless, our grass-fed collagen peptides can be mixed into a wide variety of drinks or meals. 

  • When to use

    When to use

    Collagen can be taken at any time throughout the day. Personally we like to add 10g’s to our morning coffee and an additional 10g’s to post workout shakes. 

FAQs Questions

What is collagen? 

Collagen is a major component of the human body, making up around 30% of our total body protein. It’s the main structural protein in connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. It’s also found in bones, nails, hair and makes up roughly 80% of our skin.

Why take collagen?

Generally as people age, their collagen depletes, which can cause deterioration of skin and connective tissues. Topping your collagen levels up through diet counteracts this depletion and therefore supports strong connective tissues, bones and skin elasticity.

Is your collagen grass-fed and finished?

Yes, we source our collagen from certified grass-fed and finished cattle that roam freely outdoors on pasture and are not exposed to antibiotics, hormones or any artificial chemicals.

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